[SALON DE L'AUTOMATISATION INDUSTRIELLE 2023] Compteurs intelligents, relais, etc. - Shanghai ZhuoYi Électronique

Shanghai ZhuoYi Electronics, a leading manufacturer founded in 2002, showcased their diverse range of industrial products at the Industrial Automation Show 2023. With a focus on smart meters, relays, time switches, and electronic meters, the company demonstrated their commitment to innovation and technological advancements. Their meters possess impressive capabilities, accurately measuring electricity, power, current, voltage, and offering a sleek design. With continuous product updates and integration with internet connectivity technologies such as Wi-Fi, 4G, and 5G, Shanghai ZhuoYi Electronics is well-positioned to meet the evolving industry demands. For more information, visit their website www.toone.cn, and explore their wide range of products that promise both quality and competitive pricing.Generated by OpenAI